What is Waste Management and why is it important?

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    What is Waste Management?

    A material is considered waste, in the simplest terms, when the producer or holder no longer requires it and intends to discard it.

    Waste management is the collection, transportation, handling and disposal of said waste.

    Waste can be generated from industrial, residential, to commercial projects and can be disposed of and handled in a variety of ways.

    Any waste that comes from a commercial activity is classed as business waste. It also includes any waste that comes from construction, demolition, industry, or agriculture.

    The avoidance and reduction of waste is a very important part of waste management, but sometimes waste is unavoidable.

    Waste is mostly categorised based on material, for example, paper, glass plastic, metal, or organic waste.

    There are various types of waste management and many things that need to be taken into consideration, such as disposal methods, recycling methods, avoidance, and transportation of waste.

    The benefit of employing a waste management service for a project is that they will worry about all the above for you, and ensure waste is disposed of correctly.

    Waste Management & the Environment

    The management of waste is required to comply with rules and regulations concerning the safety and secure transport of waste.

    A waste management service must hold a valid carrier’s waste licence as per the environmental agency and must be licensed to dispose of any waste correctly.

    This is because correct waste management is hugely important for the environment.

    Waste management is crucial for the environment as waste is largely recycled once collected.

    An environmentally conscious company will endeavour to recycle as much waste as they can to try and ensure as little ends up in landfills as possible: it is our responsibility as a waste carrier to dispose of waste as ethically as possible.

    Waste is often either recycled, composted, incinerated or it will end up in a landfill.

    Using Grab Hire for Waste

    Different scale projects will require different methods of waste management.

    Grab hire for example can be preferable when there is a large volume of heavy waste, as the mechanical grabber does all of the heavy lifting for you, reducing the risk of injury.

    It can also be particularly useful when there are access issues as the mechanical arm can reach into awkward spots.

    Wirral Grab hire also has the benefit of removing waste in a single day if you don’t have the option of leaving a skip on site. Otherwise, a variety of scrap bins can be useful, roll on roll off bins are also popular with commercial and domestic customers alike, due to the high volume of waste that they hold.

    Murphy’s Waste bins can also come for metal collection or recyclables and are conveniently dropped off and collected

    The Benefits of Waste Management

    Using a licensed waste management service means that however you choose to dispose of your waste, you can rest assured it will be sorted and disposed of as ethically as possible.

    So, what are the benefits of effective waste management?

    • By managing waste appropriately, you will avoid fines and any misdemeanours by complying with the law.
    • You will be avoiding causing harm to the environment and limiting any environmental impact.
    • By picking a reputable and licensed carrier, you have confidence that your waste will not be fly-tipped. It is important to research your waste management service providers to understand that they are professional and compliant, and aren’t going to just fly-tip your waste, which is harmful to the environment and unsightly to locals.
    • It is easier to hire a professional! Effective waste management can be very labour intensive and time-consuming, so hiring a professional ensures that the hard work is done by somebody else, and you know it’s going to be done right.

    There are many aspects to managing a project, but effective waste management is a crucial, ethical, and legal obligation that must be considered and planned for.

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