Is Grab Hire Just for Businesses and Construction Sites?

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    Is Grab Hire just for Commercial Use?

    Grab hire is just for business/commercial use, right? It isn’t something I can use for a domestic or residential project either is it? This is a very common misconception but is actually very wrong!

    Grab hire can be extremely beneficial to domestic customers. Site Clearances is one of the most important aspects of any project, no matter the size or scale.

    Many customers who have smaller residential projects can sometimes feel intimidated by using a grab hire service, but we want to break that stigma and show how useful a Grab service can be to a domestic client, or a smaller scale commercial project.

    What is Grab Hire?

    Grab hire is essentially a waste management service, similar to that of a skip hire.

    It is used by homeowners and businesses alike, and facilitates the removal of waste that could be otherwise difficult to move.

    It is perfect for the removal of waste during home renovations, for example or construction projects. The benefit of grab hire is that it can facilitate the removal of far more waste than other types of waste management.

    It is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, because unlike a skip which will sit at your property for a period of time, a grab wagon will arrive at your property, grab the waste using a hydraulic arm, and will remove it straight away.

    This means your site is cleared straight away, so you won’t have a skip sat at your property for days on end. Our grab vehicles are operated by qualified HGV operators so the process is far more effortless for the customer.

    It is favoured by many due to the decreased risk of injury – the grab hire handles all the heavy lifting for you.

    There is still a place for other types of waste management, it all comes down to the specific requirements of the particular client and or project. 

    Why use a grab hire service?

    Grab hire continues to be popular with commercial and industrial clients, due to a Grab wagon’s ability to move huge volumes of waste in a single trip. The waste can then be disposed of correctly, so the environment is being impacted as little as possible too.

    In many ways, using a grab wagon will alleviate a lot of the stress that can come from organising waste management for a project, which is why it’s becoming increasingly popular.

    Due to the volume of waste that a Grab wagon can remove, they can be useful for a variety of projects. The pandemic has seen a rise in home renovation projects and domestic construction projects where a Grab hire could be useful.

    It must be said, a Grab may not always be the best solution.

    If it is a very small project then there may be more cost-effective ways of removing your waste, but for the majority of domestic clients, they find that Grab hire is surprisingly cost-effective, and is far more accessible if you have waste in a difficult to reach area, rather than other waste management solutions due to the hydraulic arm on a grab wagon. 

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