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Murphy’s offers Wirral waste bins suitable for metals, hardcore and general waste.

Wirral Waste Bins

Murphy’s is proud to offer a variety of scrap bins for all of your waste management needs. We can supply a range of scrap bins for metal collection, recycling and general waste to the Liverpool City Centre area, Chester, and the whole of the Wirral.

What are RORO bins?

We supply roll-on, roll-off bins (sometimes known as RORO bins or skips, or hook lift bins) which can be ideal for construction and industrial clients who have waste to dispose of in high volumes. RORO bins are relatively large so they can accommodate a huge amount of waste, making them popular for industrial clients and also ideal and increasingly popular for home renovations and other domestic projects.

RORO bins come in a variety of sizes, we currently offer flat bed, 20yd, 30yd and 40yd skips, so we can accommodate a variety of projects no matter the size or scale.

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The Benefits of RORO Bins

RORO bins can be used for the disposal of continuing manufacturing waste, or for clearing out after construction or demolition projects. RORO bins are ideal for reliable transporting bulky and heavy construction waste. They can be the ideal solution for larger quantities of bulky waste due to their fully opening rear door and the open-top options are ideal for easy loading. The large capacity means that they are often favoured over typical chain lift skips due to their large capacity.

Our bins can be supplied to hold metal, general waste and hardcore. Whilst these bins have typically been favoured in the past by construction clients, they are becoming more popular for large domestic renovations. We can provide a variety of sizes and capacities to suit your project needs.

Convenient drop off and pick up of containers are offered with all of our bins and our containers are sized to meet your needs. We will simply drop the container off, you can load it yourself at your leisure, and Murphys will come and collect it when you’re ready. Because of this, they are perfect for house renovations and commercial projects, when a chain lift skip will not do.


As outlined above, RORO containers are great for bulky and heavy construction waste, due to their large capacity. They are also ideal for large volumes of light general waste and household waste. RORO can also be used for soil and hardcore, as well as inert waste. We can also provide bins for scrap metal and recycling.


There are some instances when a RORO bin may not be the best option. RORO bins are not appropriate for:

  • Wet concrete
  • Hazardous waste, (such waste should always be transported in a closed container.)
  • For roads and driveways (RORO bins are generally too large to be placed on roads or some driveways.

If you are unsure if a RORO is suitable for your project we would always recommend you get in touch where we will be happy to advise. We have a variety of waste management options so if a RORO is not suitable for you, we can try and find you an alternative option. Our bins and skips are competitively priced for your commercial and residential needs. All our operatives are fully licensed and insured. If you would like to discuss which size RORO bin is right for you, please get in touch HERE where one of our expert team will assist you.

Murphy's Services

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Wirral Site Clearances

Site Clearance services are available at competitive rates for commercial and domestic building sites.

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Wirral Groundwork

We’re experts in groundwork, preparing sub-surfaces for the start of your construction project

Light Demolition Wirral

Covering both domestic and commercial clients that require some light demolition work before debris can be hauled away.

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Aggregates Wirral

Each of our grab trucks can carry 16 tonnes per single trip allowing for the safe delivery of aggregates to your project.

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